World Tourism Day 2020: Tourism is one of the most drastically hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. From being one of the leading sectors to provide employment to becoming one of the major industries fighting job losses, the tourism scenario has completely changed and it has directly impacted the world economy. The major reason behind this is the safety issues that may arise while travelling.Also Read - Spiti Valley Closes Tourism Activity for Year 2020 To Curb the Entry Of Covid-19 In The Valley

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on your mental health and you wish to go out and explore the landscapes to get some diversion from the current depressing scenario. Travelling is a wonderful way to feel therapeutic and get the inner peace you are longing for. But, it is not advisable during the current circumstances. Still, if you would like to venture out and roam free for someday, you must take certain precautions as the COVID-19 pandemic is not over and the deadly virus is still in the air and on surfaces too. To ensure your safety, here are certain tips to follow. Also Read - Odisha Plans River Cruises to Promote Tourism Sector

Read The Guidelines

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most states and countries have issued certain safety guidelines that you must read, understand, and follow. You may have to provide your medical certificate stating you are COVID-19 free before entering the destination. In some states, you may also have to quarantine yourself till your reports come in. Also Read - UN Chief Calls For Sustainable Recovery of Tourism From COVID-19

Do Not Forget The Essentials

During the current time, you need to avoid touching any surface or thing unless it is extremely important. Therefore, you must carry your essentials in order to avoid buying them from local stores. You must keep certain things like hand sanitizer, gloves, alcohol wipes, face masks, etc. handy with you all the time. Also, please carry disposable items to avoid the risk of contracting the virus.

Research About Your Destination

To ensure a safe and comfortable trip and stay, you must first research the destination. You can check the official website of the state tourism and also check the accommodation options, local places to visit, and activities that you can do, to avoid getting lost. Doing these things in advance can prevent you from getting into the worst situation especially during the coronavirus pandemic.