haunted Hoia Baciu Forest Also Read - BFI Nominates 5 Boxers And three coaches For The National Sports Awards 2020

If you’ve loved our ongoing series on India’s most haunted places and the legends behind them, today onwards we share with you more such spooky tales from around the world. The first in our series is a forest in Romania called the Hoia Baciu Forest believed to be the world’s most haunted forest. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

What makes this forest so darn spooky is the stories that do the rounds about it. From UFOs being spotted here to people hearing screams, there are several stories that continue to haunt people. So spooky are the tales that people have stopped going inside the forest as they fear that once they go in, they will never come back. People who have been here have found their bodies being scratched, marks appearing on them and falling sick after coming back home. Not just this, certain photos show the appearance of figures that weren’t visible to the naked eye when they were taken. Also Read - Style Tips to Wear Mom Jeans: How to Look Cool Wearing 'Unhip' Denim at Any Occasion

While a lot of these stories could just be hearsay as is the case with many other haunted tales, a strange phenomenon will probably make you believe it is indeed haunted. The trees that grow here are crooked and there is one patch in the forest that has been barren for the longest time. No plants grow here even though the soil is fine. The people who live close to the forest believe this is where paranormal activities take place. Would you dare to go to this forest? Tell us in the comments section.

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