Imagine the gorgeous gurgling of Athirapally Waterfalls as the background score while you relax in the midst of a lush green forest here. Sounds appealing, right? Also known as the “Niagara Fall of India,” Athirapally is one of the largest waterfalls in India. It is situated 80 feet above the Chalukaddi river, and it take a good amount of trekking to get to the upto waterfall. For an unforgettable experience, one must try and visit between the months of September and January. The nearest airport from here is the Cochin Airport about 72 kms away. You can take a cab from the airport to visit the mighty falls. Also Read - Kerala Paying Price For 'Gross Negligence' During Onam: Harsh Vardhan on Easing Covid Restrictions For Festivals

Most of the tropical rainforest in this region here is unexplored; so you could make the best of nature here. Take a guided tour to understand the diverse flora and fauna in the forests. Some of the animals commonly found here are: elephants, leopards, deer, snakes, sloth bears, wolves and many exotic species of birds which are an absolute delight for birders and photographers. There are guided trips to the Sholayar forest reserve and the Parambikulam forest reserve too; incase you have the time and the inclination. Also Read - Kerala Govt Terminates Services of 432 Medical Personnel For Unauthorised Leave For Years

A mighty trek to the Athirapally waterfalls is unmissable – the cascading waters and lush greenery will take all your worries away.  After the trek, a meal by the waterfall is a must as well. For those with some experience, trekking to two other waterfalls nearby could also be enriching –  Charpa falls and Vazhachal falls are located just a few kilometres from Athirapally.

Don’t miss out on the tribal experience – there are multiple tribes co-existing here peacefully and living the simple life and it is truly heartening to see that. They sustain themselves through activities such as fishing, hunting and collecting herbs from the nearby forest. You could book a camping experience with these tribes for a night where they not only cook delicious meals for you but also share stories from their lives.