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Mohammed Ali Road is the place in Mumbai to be at, during Eid. If you’re a newbie and may get lured by all the options on the street, not knowing where exactly to go and what exactly to try, then here is the perfect list that all you meat lovers will love for sure. Also Read - Mumbai: 9 Food Trucks That Serve Eatables Worth Every Dime You Spend!

1. Shawarma at The Shawarma Stand at Rs. 40/-

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The Shawarmas in the Suleman Usman lane are amazing as they are in the whole sense pocket-friendly, ranging from anything between Rs. 25 to Rs. 50, these wraps are perfect to be the first part of the elaborate meal you’ll have.

2. Indian Chinese at Chinese N Grill


No matter what anyone in the whole wide world says, we Indians will always prefer our version of Chinese food over anything that is authentic! So go ahead and beat yourself up with the spicy kind of Chinese food that makes us all salivate.

3. Chicken Lollipops by the dozen


Now you know how aloo bhajia is fried on an average day in most areas, in big frying pots in litres of boiling oil. That is exactly how chicken lollipop is made on these streets.

4. Chicken Tandoori/Tikka/ Tangdi kabab from practically anywhere


Well well, if you don’t know where to get Tandoori food at Mohammed Ali Road, its almost as though you’re home and you don’t know where the switchboard is at!

5. Tandoori Platter from Chinese N Grill


The Afghani platter comes with several options and types of kebabs. Trust me, just the thought of the different types of flavours is making me salivate.

6. Firni and malpua from Suleman Usman Mithaiwala


The entire street has derived its name from this one mithaiwala shop. The firni and the malpua from this shop are like nothing you’ll find elsewhere, at least in Mumbai.

7. Burhanpur Jalebi from the Burhanpur Jalebi Centre

     b. jalebi

The Burhanpur Jalebi center is one of its kind in the city. The taste, the sweetness and crunch of a jalebi at the sweet shop is like a beautiful story you can’t narrate. First hand experience is a must.

For all you hygiene frenzy people, don’t waste too much time with all the unnecessary speculations and contemplation. Your relationship with food is one with romance in it. Take a leap of faith and all you’ll find is a perfect lip smack, a full tummy and a good night’s sleep!

With inputs from Farhan Fayyaz Shaikh