The summer heat is here and what better way to beat it than to head to the hills where the skies are blue, the air is pure and the weather is cool. In India there are a number of places that will give you all the three and more, but one place remains popular among tourists, both domestic and international, and that is Ladakh.Also Read - Avid Traveller Ami Bhat Talks About Travelling Alone as a Woman And What All She Experienced

Ladakh, a Union Territory of India, has a number of tourist attractions, and among them are the roads which are a favourite among bikers and four-wheel drivers. Those who wish to go on a road trip to Ladakh have to be prepared, as travel blogger Ami Bhat, who writes under Thrilling Travel, will tell you. Also Read - Want to be a Travel Blogger? Listen in to Ami Bhat as She Shares Tips And Tricks on Creating Content

In this new episode, Ami Bhat and host Pankaj Nath talk about the beauty of Ladakh, and what all a person can see and experience during the journey. Also Read - Travel Blogger Ami Bhat Talks About Life as a Traveller And How it All Started

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