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Amboli is a fantastic monsoon destination in Maharashtra that offers you a piece of heaven to enjoy all by yourself. Not many may have heard of Amboli, a quaint hamlet located in the Western Ghats and is a safe haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The Konkan cuisine and the humble locals add oodles of fun and memories to your experience at Amboli. Not many know that Amboli is one of the most densely populated regions in India when it comes to varied species of amphibians and reptiles. In fact, it has off late also been listed as one of the world’s only eight hot spots for biological diversity. Various treks, nature and night trails, walks through the rainforests of Amboli call out to all nature lovers to venture out in the arms of nature in its truest form. Since it’s slowly picking up as a wildlife research destination, each year there are newer species of reptiles found in Amboli making it all the more lucrative to visit. That brings us to Amazing Amboli, a group of young enthusiasts who organise trekking tours, workshops and educational trips to Amboli along with some other nearby destinations. They recently shared these beautiful photos of Amboli that have been luring us to take a trip to this awe-inspiring destination. Do check their website for booking a trip to Amboli. Here are some pictures of Amboli’s nature and wildlife that prove it is a superb monsoon destination. Also Read - Kejriwal Warns of Action Against Private Hospitals Denying COVID-19 Treatment, Urges Asymptomatic People to Not Test

There are various species of frogs found in Amboli… this one is the Amboli Toad.

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Amboli is a place that takes you as close to nature as possible!


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This is a picture of the Malabar Pit Viper, has thermal pits that enable it to see things in the dark!


Nature trails in Amboli will go on for hours at a stretch and you’ll not realize when day turns into night!


The experience of walking through dense forests with only a torchlight in your hand is quiet an experience. This is a shot of the Malabar Flying Frog.


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Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re floating amidst the clouds…


Not only is it a unique experience for nature lovers, but a dream for photographers too.


And we lastly leave you with this picture of a Bamboo Pit Viper… imagine the thrill of spotting this one at night.


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Photograph courtesy: Nirman Chouwdhury


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