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They say if you throw a coin in Rome’s Trevi fountain with your back to it you are ensured of another trip to Rome. Needless to say, thousands of tourists throw coins in the fountain in the hope of returning to this beautiful city. By official estimates, this unusual custom generates a whopping $15,000 a week and about $1 million a year! That money is collected each day by Caritas, a Roman Catholic charity that sweeps the fountain floor for an hour and distributes the money among the needy. From the 2008 collection, they even opened a low-cost supermarket! Also Read - Soon After CM Kejriwal's Warning, Delhi Govt Files an FIR Against Private Hospital For Allegedly Violating COVID-19 Norms

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Photograph courtesy: Kashyap Hosdurga/Creative Commons

Unlike the Trevi fountain that is cleaned every single day, other fountains do it less frequently. Las Vegas’ Bellagio fountain, by some estimates, collects $12,000 every year using a giant vacuum cleaner that takes everything from the lake’s floor. After the money is sorted, it is placed in a (clean, duh) cement mixer with towels, which clean the coins. The folks at Bellagio donate the money to non-profit organizations. After all, 12k is literally loose change for Bellagio. Also Read - Watch Pasta Recipe: This is The Easiest Way to Cook Tomato Pasta at Home With Ingredients Available in Your Kitchen

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Then there are the fountains at Minnesota’s Mall of America that collect about $24,000 every month which are also donated to charity. Fountains at all the 24 Rainforest Cafes collect some $25,000 annually. All the this money which is donated to charities working in the environment space. Disney World raised $18,000 in 2014 from its fountains and donated it to the welfare of children in foster care.

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Although it is prohibited to throw coins in the fountains at the 9/11 Memorial, the management is known to have collected $3,000 in change. Interestingly, the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago makes a measly $200 a year despite being one of the largest in the world.

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