Lucknow: The Indian Council of Medical Research on Thursday confirmed that the majority of deaths in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad were caused due to D2 strain of Dengue. Addressing a media briefing, the director-general of ICMR, Dr Balram Bhargava, said the D2 strain has been found in samples from Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad and Mathura districts. He said the strain can lead to a fatal haemorrhage.Also Read - Nipah Virus in Kerala: THESE 5 Districts in Karnataka Put on High Alert Amid NiV Scare in Neighbouring State. Check Details

“Deaths in UP’s Firozabad and Mathura, and even Agra now, have been clearly found to be caused by dengue. The D2 strain has been found in samples, which can cause haemorrhaging that could be fatal,” News18 quoted Dr Bhargava as saying.

Elaborating further on the prevention of Dengue, he said, “Don’t let mosquitoes breed, avoid water stagnation. Monsoon is a time when we see most dengue cases.”

Dengue Cases in UP

UP’s Firozabad district has been battling an outbreak of dengue and deadly viral fever for the past two weeks, leaving 55 people dead.

Some cases have been found in neighbouring Mathura, Agra and Mainpuri as well.

Earlier, the five-member Central team of the Health Ministry had conducted a door-to-door inspection and made people aware of the dos and don’ts to curb the spread of dengue in the district. The team after conducting the door-to-door inspection also held a meeting with the district and state health officials.

CM Yogi Sends Expert Team to Firozabad

Meanwhile, the Yogi Adityanath government has sent a second team of health experts to Firozabad within a week, to identify the dengue variant causing the outbreak which appears to be more dangerous for children.

The three-member team from Lucknow’s King George Medical University (KGMU), led by senior paediatrician Dr S.N. Singh. has started investigating the cases. The team will also guide local doctors on how to control the spread of the disease and plan treatment protocols.