New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday chaired a video conference meeting with Varanasi-based NGOs and hailed the’ display of enthusiasm’ by the constituency in a time of crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. Also Read - PM Modi Hails Passage of Farm Bills in Parliament, Calls it 'Watershed Moment in History of Indian Agriculture'

“This is the month of Sawan, in such a situation speaking with the people from Varanasi seems like a visit to Lord Bholenath. This is the blessing of Lord Bholenath that even during COVID-19 crisis… Kashi is full of hope and enthusiasm amid this crisis,” he said. Also Read - This University Postpones Medical Examinations at The Last-Minute | Details Inside

“All those who worked during this COVID-19 crisis, it is not that they only carried out their responsibilities. There was a fear, in such a situation coming forward voluntarily, this is a new form of service,” PM Modi said via video conference. Also Read - 2,500 Visitors in One Shift, Online Booking | Taj Mahal Set to Reopen From Monday After 6 Months

Referring to a similar pandemic, the Spanish flu, that took place 100 years, where India was one of the hardest hit countries with the most deaths, the Prime Minister acknowledged the efforts of the ‘corona warriors’ that changed the world’s perception about India.

“A huge country like Brazil, with a similar population like Uttar Pradesh, has suffered around 65,00 deaths due to #COVID19. While in Uttar Pradesh, around 800 people have lost their lives, it means many lives have been saved in the state,” he said.

“Experts were raising questions on India, saying this time also the situation will get worse but what happened? Uttar Pradesh, a state with population 23-24 crores, with support of its people overcame all these apprehensions,” PM Modi asserted.

Earlier in the day, a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office stated that the residents of Varanasi, PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency, along with members of various social organisations from the district, ensured that timely food was available to everyone in need with their own efforts, as well as by providing assistance to the district administration.

Later today, PM Modi will deliver the inaugural address for India Global Week, where global leaders will discuss indegenous efforts made to control the pandemic situation. PM Modi will be addressing the event, organised in the UK, at 1:30 PM. He is also expected to present India’s Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign.