Lucknow: The COVID-19 situation in the country’s largest state, in terms of population, Uttar Pradesh seems to be getting worse by day. Even though UP government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is insisting that there is no shortage of oxygen in the state, the condition of patients admitted in the hospitals and their families wandering in search of oxygen are telling a different story. Major hospitals of the state are currently facing an oxygen crisis. Notices of oxygen exhaustion are being put up in many places.Also Read - In 10 Points : What Is 'Parivar Kalyan Card' Yogi Government Is Planning To Launch In UP?

The latest case is of Sips Hospital in Lucknow, where a similar notice was put up saying that there is a huge shortage of oxygen, according to an Aaj Tak report. All of you are informed that due to lack of oxygen in the hospital and lack of supply from the government, we are unable to recruit new patients of Covid, the notice outside the hospital read. Apart from this, a tweet was also made from the handle of one Dr R K Mishra, where he vented his ire at one Murari Gas Agency. It was claimed that for eight hours a hospital vehicle was parked outside the said agency, but no oxygen was received. Also Read - Explained: The Popular Demand To Rename Lucknow As Laxmanpuri And Its Connection With Shri Laxman

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What is the issue for oxygen suppliers?

Now at 1 AM on Tuesday night, oxygen was supplied to Sips Hospital, but it posed many questions on the claims of the administration. At the same time, questions also arose at the functioning of Murari Gas Agency, where a hospital had to wait for hours for oxygen. When Aaj Tak talked to Abhishek, the manager of Murari Gas Agency about this, he claimed that the government does not have full capacity to provide oxygen. There is a lack of liquid oxygen in Murari Gas Plant, Taran Gas Plant, RK Gas Agency, Awadh Gas Plant, Katie Gas Plant, all of which supply oxygen in Lucknow hospitals and hence, the crisis.

Is unnecessary pressure being created through such notices?

The manager of Murari Gas Agency also said there is a lot of pressure on them and such notices put them under even more pressure. They have to supply oxygen to many hospitals, and they have to see how much oxygen is being supplied where. But due to such notices, they often have to reduce the oxygen supply of another hospital.

This is not the first case where a hospital has raised their hands and put up a notice of oxygen shortage. A few days ago, there was an oxygen crisis in TS Mishra Hospital and a notice of oxygen exhaustion was put on the gate. It was supplied oxygen only after that. Such reports are being received from many other hospitals of the state as well, but the government claims are still firm and patients are being forced to wander from post to pillar in search of breaths.