Pregnancy is a very special experience that comes with a manual. It requires disciplined behaviour in terms of the food you eat and the lifestyle you follow. Pregnancy demands a scrutinised diet to be followed. Expecting mothers are advised to keep a close eye on everything they eat and avoid. Usually, herbal products are considered safe and useful for ladies during gestation. Also, they are believed to be a good alternative to synthetically processed medicines. Probably that is why the expecting mothers consume certain herbs without even consulting doctors and checking its impact on their babies. You will be shocked to know that even some of the herbs which are otherwise effective are harmful during pregnancy. According to expert, Roni Proter, consuming herbs like saw palmetto, goldenseal, dong Quai, passionflower, and black and blue cohosh can have a debilitating effect on a pregnant woman and the developing foetus inside her womb. These plants can potentially terminate your pregnancy or lead to premature birth. Watch this video to know how exactly they can affect you and your baby at the same time.Also Read - Want to Have an Intelligent Child? Include These Food in Your Daily Diet During Pregnancy

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