7.9 Per Cent Cancer Cases In India Were Recorded In Children: ICMR Cancer can happen in all the ages including children. Around 300,000 children are diagnosed with with cancer all over the world every year with India recording 50,000 new childhood cancer cases every year. Pediatric Cancer or Childhood cancer is very prevalent in India. The country registered 13,32,207 cases during 2012-19 out of which a total of 7.9 percent of all the cancer cases were found in children below 14 years as per the reports of Indian Council of Medical Research. In this video we will tell you the facts and statistics on childhood cancer in India from 2012 to 2019 that will shock you. Watch the video.Also Read - WHO Issues Alert On 4 Indian Cough Syrups After 66 Gambian Kids Die | Watch Video

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