75th Independence Day, Five Interesting Facts About Independent India : India enters into 75th year of independence from the British colonial rule this 2021. August 15th of every year is marked as a remembrance to how our country struggled for freedom and honors all those freedom fighters because of whom we are a free nation today. While all the citizens are excited to celebrate this important day by hoisting the flag and playing the National Anthem, did you know there was no National Anthem when India became an independent country? In fact, it was later adopted in the 1950s. Not just this, there are many more interesting facts about Indian independence that you might have not heard of. Here’s a list of 5 interesting facts that will brush up your knowledge about our country. Let’s have a look.Also Read - Video: 'Baba Bulldozer' Featuring Posters of PM Modi, CM Yogi Spotted on New Jersey Streets During Tiranga Rally | WATCH

  1. Did you know, Mahatma Gandhi was not present at the celebrations of the country’s first Independence Day? Yes, He was actually at a hunger strike that was conducted to hinder the communal killings that were triggered due to partition.
  2. India became an independent country much before August 15th. Surprising? Isn’t it? So let us tell you that India became independent on July 18, 1947 but Lord Mountbatten declared 15th August as the date of Independence because this date observed the second anniversary of the surrendering of Japan to the Allied Forces during World War II.
  3. There was no president or prime minister heading the country. Independent India lacked in having a structured government. The Governor General was the only and the most authoritative person in India at the time of independence and the political framework developed much later when India became a republic.
  4. Now you would be surprised to know that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, hoisted the national flag 17 times from the fortification of the Red Fort on the Independence Day.
  5. Last but not the least, India shares it’s Independence Day with five more countries, Bahrain, North Korea, South Korea, Congo, and Liechtenstein on August 15, but with different years.

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Independence Day celebrations will be restricted to public but you can still enjoy by watching it from your home screens. Also Read - Nayanthara-Vignesh Shivan Celebrate Independence Day In Spain During Their Romantic Vacation- See VIRAL Pics & Video

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