Nail art is a creative way to enhance your look and personality. Getting innovative with your nail can complement your outfit and make you stand out. Using some of the quirky nail arts can make you look attractive. To add flair in your look, all you need is nail paint, blended colours, and glitters. Before starting to add beautiful designs on your nails, you need to do all the preparations. Remove the old nail paint using nail paint remover and then trim the nails. Now apply the base coat. This is important for protecting your nails from staining and making nail art last longer. Now is the time to bring the art. If you are are a beginner and not well-versed with nail art, watch this video to know how to make your nails look perfect.Also Read - Newest Nail Art Trend: Bizarre Manicure Salon Uses Hand, Live Ants, Corns and Noodles as Extensions - Watch Viral Videos

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