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Abhijeet Sawant’s New Interview on Indian Idol 12 Controversy, Fakeness, Elimination And Pawandeep Rajan

In an exclusive conversation with, Abhijeet Sawant addresses the entire Indian Idol 12 controversy, his views on Amit Kumar's allegations, the decision of 'no elimination' in the show, and the 'fakeness'.

Updated: June 2, 2021 11:25 PM IST

By Chirag Sehgal | Edited by Chirag Sehgal

Indian Idol 12 controversy – Abhijeet Sawant speaks: Abhijeet Sawant was the first winner of the popular reality TV show Indian Idol. It’s been 12 years and the show has undergone a lot of changes and the singer says that ‘fakeness’ is something that has been added up in the latest seasons now. In an exclusive interview with, Abhijeet addressed the entire controversy that erupted when Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar appeared as the chief guest on the show and later said that he was asked to praise the contestants irrespective of their performances. Since then, several celebrities including the show’s host Aditya Narayan, former judge Sunidhi Chauhan jumped into the controversy. While everyone is talking about it, how can one forget about Abhijeet Sawant, who won the first season of the show in 2005!

Abhijeet mentioned that too much relevance is being given to the ‘extra elements’ which decreases the level of singing. ”Duration of extra elements used to be short at our time. But more relevance is being given to these elements today. They must give challenging work to the contestants. When you work more on other elements, the level of singing goes down. This is my biggest issue or concern. We must spend more time on singing,” Abhijeet said. He also asserted that one must not take his suggestions negatively, but he is raising such issues because it is the show that made him what he is today and that he ‘loves Indian Idol.’

Abhijeet further mentioned that a lot is changed as far as the show is concerned since 2005. ”Contestants have become more professional, judges have become more vocal. They also go over the board for certain things. They also know things work well,” he said. He also added that there is less strictness from the judges and that it is becoming too much about praising contestants. ”It’s both, good and bad. It’s good because it motivates contestants and bad because it leaves contestants with no clear idea of where to improve and where to not,” he added.

Watch Abhijeet Sawant’s full interview here:

While there are speculations over a couple of contestants’ love affair in Indian Idol 12, Abhijeet Sawant claimed that these are all ‘creative ideas.’ ”Every such element was fake in season 11, I have no clue about this season,” he said adding that such romantic angles must not surpass singing in the show. ”We need to balance such creative ideas with singing. We must be famous because of our singing and not because of these stories,” the singer said.

On being asked what he thinks about the ‘no elimination’ policy in season 12, Abhijeet said that ‘there is no harm in this.’ He also talked about Amit Kumar’s allegations and said that he should have raised the issue then and there only instead of talking about it after the episode went on air.

Abhijeet Sawant won the first season of Indian Idol in 2005. Since then, he has released several albums and songs. He also hosted one of the seasons of the singing reality show.

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