Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Flight Tour With India-Born Sirisha Bandla: A billionaire, philanthropist, business tycoon, Sir Richard Branson has everything that one could imagine and 17 years ago he dreamed of becoming a space traveller. On July 11, 2021, Branson became an astronaut ushering in a new era of private space tourism. While Branson was likely to fly later in summers, he awarded himself the flight days after Blue Origin announced that Bezos will be flying to space.Also Read - Mission College Admission: A Step Towards Making Your Admissions Trouble-Free | Puja Sethi In Conversation With Rajeev Sobti, LPU

Branson boarded his company Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 flight from the Mojave desert in New Mexico and propelled into suborbital space where he enjoyed over three minutes of weightlessness in microgravity. He was accompanied by India-born Sirisha Bandla, vice president for Virgin Galactic government affairs, who became the fourth Indian to travel to space after Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawal, Indian American Sunita Williams and four other passengers. Watch video to know all about Richard Branson’s space tour with India-born Sirisha Bandla. Also Read - Sirisha Bandla 2nd Indian Women to Fly to Space: Know All About Her Journey From India to Space

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