An allergy is the stimulation of the immune system in an individual by a substance that for most people doesn’t cause any problem. To the allergic person, that substance is called an allergen and the response of the body to the effects of the immune system activation by the allergen is an allergic reaction. The symptoms of an allergy may range from something as common as rashes to something serious like seizures. There are various factors including dust, animals, food like shellfish, peanut, etc. that can potentially trigger your body’s allergic reaction. For less severe allergy, you can have decongestants, antihistamines, saltwater spray or steroids. However, if the reaction is too bad you may have to take high doses of these medicines. Watch this video to get a comprehensive idea about an allergy and know about the effective remedies to deal with the condition.Also Read - Look For These Kitchen Ingredients to Manage Your Allergy

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