Actor Amit Sadh opens up about quitting social media. He said that his fans know him better than anybody else as he is very straight forward with his relationship with fans. He said, “The decision is not made in spur of a moment. In the last few weeks and days, I have been very conflicted and without pin pointing to anyone, because who am I, I just felt uncomfortable posting pictures and reels and gym videos as if my life is untouchable from COVID-19 ad I just didn’t had the courage to continue pretending and showing how privileged I am that I am living my life unaffected by corona. After a point, I got fed up and in the last few weeks, the way we are crumbling in India and so I cannot be unaffected and insensitive that I keep going on with my life and stupid pictures and sillyness and pretending that I am inspiring people because I don’t see in these times my photograph is very preety, I don’t think they are inspiring anyone.”Also Read - Amit Sadh Tests Positive For Covid-19; Is This a New Variant?

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