Do you get frustrated easily? Do little things that go not as per your expectation, ruin your mood in seconds? If yes, you have anger issues. And, by yelling at people or by breaking things, you are just harming your own health. Yes. you read it right. Anger can put you at an increased risk of cardiovascular issues like a heart attack. An angry outburst can lead to high blood pressure and tightening of blood vessels. These medical problems can increase your risk of getting a blood clot, which can further lead to a heart attack. We understand that letting go of resentment is not easy but you should try at least or otherwise, be ready to face the consequences. According to experts in the field, there are certain aerobic exercises that can help you get rid of your anger and manage it in the future without harming yourself and the people around you. Watch this video to know about those physical activities.Also Read - Doctor-Approved Exercises You Need to do Regularly 

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