Playback singer, Arpita Chakraborty has released her first single ‘Makhmali’ featuring Bollywood actor Omkar Kapoor. Apart from crooning the song, Arpita has also produced the music video. Arpita feels lucky that the song was shot before the lockdown was announced. The song is Omkar’s debut music video. Also Read - Global Covid-19 Deaths Surpass 690,000: CSSE

Omkar and Arpita are really excited about the new song and are enjoying a positive response. Arpita says Omkar was always her first choice for the song. Arpita and Omkar expressed their views on how classic songs are recreated in Bollywood. Omkar also talked about what’s it like to make it into the industry when it comes to actors without a Godfather. Watch the full interview here. Also Read - Coronavirus: Sri Lanka Makes Face Masks Mandatory in Parliament

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