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Arthritis in Young Adults: Know Symptoms Causes And Prevention | Watch Video

Few studies have connected Covid-19 as one of the factors contributing to reactive arthritis in children. Arthritis causes swelling and pain that is so severe and enduring that they make regular activities difficult.

Published: October 19, 2022 9:00 AM IST

By Video Desk

Arthritis in Young Adults: Arthritis is a chronic ailment that worsens with time and limits a person’s daily activities in addition to their ability to move freely. The tendons and ligaments may also be impacted by the inflammation, which makes the joint appear swollen. This includes discomfort and stiffness. Even though people in their 50s are most frequently impacted by arthritis, this ailment is now affecting people in their 30s. Patients as young as their 20s have experienced it.

Written by- Ananya

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