Autism is a neurological condition in which the affected child experiences repetitive behaviour, lack of social skills, communication problems, etc. Sadly there is no cure for this condition which is knwon to intervene with the digestion of food. Usually, children with autism are selective of food. They are extremely sensitive to the smell, taste, texture, and colour of food. Moreover, they are found to be suffering from GI disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. This is the reason there is a significant need to pick the food for autistic children with caution. They basically need to have gluten-free food, increase their intake of vitamin C and zinc and have omega-3 fatty acids as well. Watch this video to know about the ideal food for autistic people to reduce their risk of getting debilitating conditions. Dietician, Vicki Kobliner, in the video talks about what all nutrients are required for autistic people.Also Read - Excessive Morning Sickness During Pregnancy Can Lead to Autism in Your Baby

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