Exams, be it at the entrance level, university level or even at the school level, can be one of the major causes of stress. Board exams, especially are considered to be the most important exams as the score sheets of these exams are inked for a lifetime. In fact, as per several surveys these exams have known to left an impactful mark on a student’s mental health.Also Read - Viral Video: 6 Pythons Found in Family's Home in Australia During Mating Season. Watch

While CBSE Board Exam 2021 Date Sheet has been announced, the students of the CISCE Board still await any such announcement. Also Read - Viral Video: Son Dedicates Degree to Mom, Puts Graduation Cap and Gown On Her As She Cries. Watch

CBSE Board Exam Guide 2021: Top 5 effective tips for preparation

1. Follow a proper schedule
Without proper planning, it’s almost impossible to reach your target. Therefore, to make an effective preparation for the upcoming board exams, every student must prepare a proper study time table first and then make a habit to stick to the same. Also Read - Viral Video: SpiceJet Air Hostesses Dance At Kolkata Airport In Flash Mob With Bengali Actress Monami Ghosh. Watch

2. Don’t have too much on your plate
Exercise your brain in a constructive way, and do not burden it with a lot of thoughts. Be clear in your mind and do not pressure yourself to cover things that are beyond your reach. Make realistic targets for a day.

3. Solve sample papers
It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice. Solve one CBSE sample question paper each day, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, in an environment as close to the one you expect at your examination center.

4. Take regular breaks to enjoy yourself
Avoid studying for long hours continuously. Instead, take regular intervals every 50 to 60 minutes. These intervals are important to relax your brain and retrieve your energy to get ready for the next study session. They help to keep your brain focused and alert.

5. Practice the art of relaxation
Exercise and meditate as it helps improve concentration. Therefore, indulge yourself in activities, go for a walk in the park early before you start studying or spend some time meditating.

Follow these expert tips and concentrate on performing to the best of your abilities while not worrying much about the end results.!! For more updates on CBSE board exams, follow india.com.