Board examination is just like any other examinations you have been writing since your childhood days. Why worry then? Now that you are going to write your papers in the next few days, students just keep in mind you have to compete with your own self and not others.Also Read - Video: Portion of Mountain Caves In Day After Jammu And Kashmir Tunnel Collapse, Halts Rescue Ops

1. Time Management: Study in a planned way by planning out your schedule before-hand. Also, try waking up early in the morning and at-least read for two hours with concentration as every one of us is able to store better in our brain cells when read with concentration. Also Read - CBSE Board Exams 2023: New Assessment Scheme For Class 10, 12 Released; Exam Pattern Sees BIG Change | Deets Here

2. Write and study: Writing helps in various ways as you would not forget the components, the more you write the better you understand. So, arrange your study table with the subject notes, help books practice sheets etc. Also Read - CBSE Term 2: Board To Conduct Class 10 Hindi Exam Tomorrow: Marking Scheme, Sample Paper Here

3. Contact your school helpline: Remember your teachers are available always for your doubts online. Identify all that is not understood by you and connect with your saviours.

4. Eat Well: Eating the meals properly keeps one energetic throughout the day, consume at-least 5 small meals during the days.

5. Take breaks: Feel Tired? Remember that you don’t have to stop living just because exams are around the corner. Watch TV, nurture your hobby, listen to your favourite songs, exercise or do whatever you like to do freely during the break hours.

6. Sleep well: Most importantly take a nap as it rejuvenates your energy and wakes you up fresh for the next study session. Also, don’t do all-nighters, instead retire to bed by 10:30 and start early in the mornings.

7. Communicate: Remove excessive pressure of expectation or any confusion by talking to your parents and friends.