Do you experience difficulty in identifying colours? Do you frequently get corrected by someone when it comes to perceiving a colour? If yes, you are suffering from colour blindness. Being colour blind doesn’t mean that you are blind and cannot see anything. In fact, it means you are deficient in one of the cones that help us see and identify colours correctly. It is majorly a genetic condition that is mostly found in males than females. A person is said to be colour blind when retina in his eyes doesn’t respond well to variations in wavelengths of light resulting in an inability to see different colors effectively. Usually, a colour blind person is not able to distinguish between shades of red and green and blue and yellow. Certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, nervous disorders, heart problems, etc. can also alter colour vision. Watch this video to know about the condition in detail.Also Read - Nursing student affected by colour blindness barred from clg; moves HC

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