Coronavirus India Third Wave: The second wave of coronavirus, Covid-19 gripped the country and caused large-scale devastation and deaths. While we aren’t yet out of the clear, there are countless reports of an upcoming third wave of COVID, which could be just as intense and impose pressure on healthcare resources. While, the discovery of a mutation to the Delta variant, the Delta plus variant is already beginning to spread across states which is becoming a major concern each passing day. Now, the question remains- what next? Detailed video analysis on the likely coronavirus Covid-19 third wave in India. Exclusive insights by Dr. Rahul Pandit, Director of Critical Care Services at Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai.Also Read - How to Choose Best Health Insurance Company? Meaning And Tips Explained

  • Will the third wave be stronger and dangerous?
  • Third wave of COVID-19 may hit later than expected?
  • Will children be affected in higher numbers?

Doctor Rahul Pandit is Director of Critical Care Services at Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai, a Member of Maharashtra COVID19 Task Force and a Member of National Taskforce appointed by the honourable state government. His relentless service as a Critical Care Specialist over the past 18yrs, and especially during the COVID19 Pandemic, has touched many lives, helping him metamorphose from a COVID19 Warrior to COVID19 Savior, an accolade fondly conferred by the community at large. Also Read - July 2021 Binge Watch on Hotstar, Netflix Prime Video: Exciting New Releases Approaching For Your Stream