COVID-19 Expert Analysis: What are the symptoms of coronavirus? Everyone wants the answer to this question. Initially COVID-19 infections were thought to be a pulmonary condition. The second wave of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has hit the nation. Around 1 lakh Covid-19 cases are being reported as on April 2021. In fact, there have been cases where people were home and have tested COVID-19 positive.Also Read - Refreshing Summer Health Drinks That Can Hydrate And Rejuvenate You From Within | Watch List

Now patients complain of non-pulmonary symptoms too like gastrointestinal, loss of taste and smell, skin problems. Also Read - Covid or no COVID, Work From Home Policy Stays on Table For Several Companies | Full List

In this video we explain the symptoms of coronavirus. Puja Sethi, group editor, Zee Entertainment Enterprises in conversation with health experts. Also Read - Japanese Man Mistakenly Receives Entire Town's Covid Relief Funds, Spends It All on Online Gambling!