Covid-19 Recovery Diet: Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Explains What You Should Include In Your Diet: While your immune system has suffered a setback and weakened as a result of being infected with the fatal coronavirus Covid19 infection, good nutrition is essential for sustaining good health. To combat an infection, your body naturally needs more fluids and energy, hence it becomes very important to fuel up the body with enough nutrients than it usually requires. If you have recently recuperated from Covid-19, you should adhere to strict diet and healthy lifestyle. On this World Food Safety day, Pooja Makhija, an author, entrepreneur and celebrity nutritionist who guides stars like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Karan Johar explains everything about the diet that you should include when recovering from Covid-19.Also Read - Covid-19: Centre Extends Insurance Scheme for Health Workers for Another 180 Days

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