Covid 19 News Update : The second wave of the novel coronavirus, covid 19 has jolted the nation with lakhs of cases being registered on a daily basis, the situation is extremely grim and the country is bleeding.Also Read - Benefits Of Jasmine Oil: Struggling With Frizzy Hair And Dry Skin? Start Using Jasmine Oil Today - Watch Video

At this time, apart from covid beds, shortage of oxygen cylinders and Remdesivir Injection, an antiviral medicine is in demand. Although, the production capacity of Remdesivir has almost doubled, this medicine is missing from the market. Also Read - Employees Back to Office, But More Than 70% of TCS Techies Likely to Work From Home Till The End of 2022. Deets Here

Under such grim circumstances too malicious activities are being carried out, fake medicines are produced, medicines are being hoarded. Instead of saving lives, lives are at risk. Also Read - Skincare Tips: Best And Effective Natural Remedies To Keep Your Skin Fresh And Healthy During Summers - Watch

In fact, as per Indian express report, two men were arrested for alleged black marketing of Remdesivir, a drug. The Crime Branch’s Inter-State-Cell unearthed a ‘pharmaceutical’ unit at Kothdwar, Uttarakhand, which was manufacturing fake Remdesivir injections.

In fact, as per another Indian express report, two men have been arrested from Dwarka also for allegedly duping people by selling them fire extinguishers in the name of oxygen cylinders. The police has recovered five fire extinguishers from their possession which they were selling each unit at Rs 10,000 to Covid-19 patients.

With such evil activities being conducted, we need to Fight Fake, Save Live. Be aware while buying the remdesivir injection, you can differentiate between fake and real Remdesivir medicine.

In fake medicine, Rx is not written in front of Remdesivir. The first letter of the word vial in fake Remdesivir medicine isn’t capitalised Apart from this, there will be many mistakes in spelling.

The easiest way to differentiate between real and fake Remdesivir medicine is, you must read the things written behind it. There is no Red Warning Label behind in fake medicine.

These are some of the pointers that will help you save yourself and your loved ones from buying fake oxygen and Remdesivir.