Street Vendors, Chat Owners in Kanpur are turning out to be secret millionaires: From Scrap dealers being the owner of 3 cars to holding a property worth more than 10 crores, an astounding discovery made by the Income Tax department of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh reveals that around 256 people selling roadside snacks and eatables such as Paan, Samosa, and Chaat have been found to be millionaires. Out of which, 65 are small grocery store owners and chemists who have earned crores of rupees. Not just this, some fruit vendors have also turned out be owners of hundreds of acres of good cultivable land. All this information came into light in an investigative GST registration check carried through data software and other technical tools held by the IT department.Also Read - Viral Video: People Perform Garba Inside A Swimming Pool In Udaipur, Internet is Not Happy | Watch

It was also found that taxes outside GST registration were not paid by these small time vendors in the last few years. Some didn’t have their businesses registered in GST records. It was also identified that the money was saved and on an average, over Rs.375 crores worth of land was bought by them. Also Read - Viral Video: Deer Pulls off Acrobatic Stunt, Jumps Over Moving Car While Crossing Road | Watch

Although this is not the first time where street vendors have turned out to be crorepatis, the big numbers this time has left everyone in shock. While you digest this information, we have got you a list of examples of those who are small scale owners but with time have found out be millionaires. Also Read - Marriage Hall On Wheels: Anand Mahindra Lauds This Innovative Concept | Watch

  • In 2016, more than a dozen of street food vendors in Kanpur were unveiled of undisclosed income of worth Rs.60 crore.
  • In 2019, a Kachauri seller in Aligarh was identified to have an estimated annual turnover worth Rs.60-70 lakhs while the owner neither paid tax nor did he registered his business under GST Act.

This time the Kanpur tax department has also exposed some surprising revelations about the property and land owned by these cart owners that you might want to know,

  • Two scrap dealers in Bekonganj and one in the Lalbangla area of ​​the city bought three properties worth more than Rs.10 crore in two years.
  • The owners of two Paan shops in Aryanagar, one in Swaroop Nagar, and two in Birhana Road have bought properties worth Rs.5 crore during the coronavirus period.
  • A snack seller from Mallroad is paying Rs.1.25 lakh as rent every month on different carts.
  • Two people of Swaroop Nagar, Hulaganj bought two buildings, while the chaat sellers of Birhana Road, Mall Road, P Road invested a lot on the land.

We all know how street vendors have been the most impacted during the pandemic but these secret revelations in Uttar Pradesh has forced us to assume that there is more to something than meets the eye.

Script by Sneha M Jain