If the frequency of your visit to the washroom has increased and you are also experiencing unexplained weight loss, probably there is something wrong with your blood sugar level. Extreme hunger, fatigue, and frequent urination are some of the signs that show the onset of a chronic condition called diabetes. It is basically of two types namely type 1 and type 2. The former occurs when your pancreas stops producing insulin hormone whereas the latter happens when your body becomes insensitive to insulin. This leads to an increased level of sugar in the blood which can potentially damage your blood vessels and make you susceptible to various diseases and conditions like cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, kidney damage, etc. Moreover, if not managed on time, diabetes can even claim your life. If you are suffering from this chronic condition, you need to have a disciplined lifestyle to prevent yourself from falling prey to these side-effects. Watch this video to know about the way a person’s life changes when he gets this disease.Also Read - National Diabetes Awareness Month: Nick Jonas Suffering From Type 1 Diabetes, These Complications May Affect Him

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