EURO Cup 2020: What Happened To Christian Eriksen: It was a black day for the football community around the world when Christian Dannemann Eriksen, a Danish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Serie A club Inter Milan and the Denmark national team collapsed suddenly in the 42nd minute of the match while running near the left touchline after a Denmark throw-in. The medical staff was called upon immediately for assistance and CPR was administered. As a hush fell over the 16,000-strong crowd, his teammates gathered around him while he was treated on the pitch and then carried off on a stretcher. Although, there was much speculation as to what exactly happened to the footballer!!Also Read - Jasprit Bumrah's Rigorous Fitness Routine Will Leave You Speechless, Watch Video

The team of doctors confirmed on Sunday that Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest when he collapsed during his side’s Euro 2020 opening match against Finland, but the reason remained unclear.. Also Read - Hardik Pandya's Fitness Routine Will Make You Want to Hit The Gym Right Now | Watch Video

In fact, Danish FA released a statement on Sunday that Eriksen’s condition is stable as the midfielder also sent greetings to his teammates. Although, it is being said that, there’s good reason to think that Simon Kjær’s proficiency in CPR and knowledge of the recovery position was integral in saving Eriksen’s life. Also Read - Safa Baig To Pratima Singh: Meet The Lesser Known Gorgeous Wives Of Indian Cricketers - Watch Video

And that’s exactly why a viral Twitter thread by cardiologist Sadi Raza is so important, highlighting some of the potential details around Eriksen’s condition and explaining what we can all do if – forbid – any such incident were ever to happen around us.

Tweet: Thread on Christian based on the TV coverage it is likely that Eriksen went into Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation. This is a fast, irregular and highly unorganized electrical rhythm of the heart that precedes a cardiac arrest.

Life really is fragile and therefore it is so important that we all have a basic understanding of first aid in the unlikely scenario that our assistance might be required.