Arguably the first zombie horror series out of India, Betaal is trending on top 10 on Netflix. While fans are loving the series, Betaal actors Aahana Kumra and Manjiri Pupala are also enjoying the amazing response from the audience. In this exclusive interview, Manjiri speaks about her work experience in Betaal and on sharing the screen with an ensemble star cast. After pointing out her challenges, she shares how messages of appreciation are keeping her on the go. The two stars talked about the OTT as a platform providing work and recognition to the actors and about the equal representation of female cast with strong characters. They also talked about their life in lockdown and what shows are they currently binge watching.Also Read - 'Darling' Alia Bhatt is 'Amber Heard of India,' Say Netizens as #BoycottAliaBhatt Trends Big on Twitter - Check Tweets

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