Delhi Night Curfew Guidelines: With the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases and high positivity rate, the Delhi government has imposed a 10 pm to 5 am night curfew effective April 6 till April 30, day after the country reported over 1 lakh cases in a single day.Also Read - IPL Winners List : Watch Video to Know The Teams Who Lifted the IPL Cup From 2008-2020

Vaccination drive has begun across the country, but the second wave of Covid 19 has started to grip the nation. So, people move out of homes, only if necessary else stay home. Also Read - Explained : Covid-19 Precautionary Measures, Immunity Boosters, Helpline Number

Let’s take a look at the Delhi Night curfew guidelines. Who is exempted? Who requires e-passes and other supporting proofs?

As per the guidelines released by the Delhi Government, no one will be able to travel for reasons not categorised as essential or for an emergency.

The movement of healthcare workers, government officials, diplomat staff will not be restricted but they will need to carry their identity cards as an exemption proof. In the case of pregnant women or those going to take the vaccine, and medical emergencies will be allowed to travel without proofs.

While, the movement of people who are into food, groceries, milk, fruit, meat, medicines, banking, Delivery agents of essential goods, Petrol pump personnel’s, workers at manufacturing units of essential commodities, cold storage and warehousing services will not be restrained during the night curfew if they have the valid e-passes.

So, to get an e-pass apply at

In case, you have a flight or train during the curfew hours, you do not have to worry as with valid tickets travellers to or from airports/trains stations will be allowed.

Transport Restrictions

If you had travel plans outside the territory of Delhi, need not worry, as movement of Interstate, intrastate and Essential/Nonessential Goods will not be restricted will valid documentation.

Also, if you fall under the list of exemptions public transport services such Delhi Metro, buses, autos and taxis will function between 10pm and 5 am with their respective proofs.

Follow these guidelines strictly, wear your masks and maintain social distance in the battle of fighting the deadly Covid 19 virus.