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Explained: How Does Covid-19 Vaccine Work in Your Body? Exclusive Video

Till your vaccine builds your immunity you may have chances of getting infected. That’s why we have fever like symptoms after the vaccine. As soon as the vaccination enters your body . Your body works against the infection .

Published: January 7, 2022 9:04 PM IST

By Nikhil Khattar | Edited by Video Desk

How Your Vaccine Works: As soon as you get infected with virus it starts to multiply. Every vaccine has its own ways to protect your body. Vaccination for Covid-19 are effective and safe. But Side effects are minor. For a fully vaccinated person it takes two to three weeks to build immunity. Therefore, there are chances to get infected with virus just before or after the vaccine. Let’s have a look at how our body fights virus. Our immune uses different ways to fight infection.

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