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Explained: What Exactly Is Brain Fog, And Is It Limited To COVID? Watch Video To Find Out

Health: After COVID pandemic we are now familiar with various scientific and medical terms like Viral strains, PCR tests, and quarantine. Recently "Brain Fog" has joined this race to describe the new symptom of COVID. Do you really know what is Brain Fog? hat are its symptoms and how you can decide whether it is Brain Fog or Not? Watch Video

Published: October 28, 2022 10:00 AM IST

By Video Desk | Edited by Video Desk

Health: What Is Brain Fog? What are its symptoms and how it is related to COVID? Recently scientists have found a rear condition in covid patients and named it “Brain Fog”. Brain fog is what doctors refer to as “cognitive dysfunction”. This describes problems with closely linked tasks such as concentration, information processing, memory, thinking and reasoning, and making sense of language. Sufferers describe experiences with brain fog as lapses in memory and concentration. Watch video 

Written By: Amit Kumar 

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