Getting sound sleep is important for all. Good sleep can refresh your mind and keep you fit. It is essential for better concentration, productivity, good athletic performance, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But there are certain factors that can affect your sleep significantly. For example your bedroom. The colour you have used in the walls of your bedroom, the things you have kept there, and the positioning of those things have an important association with your sleep. Our expert Cathleen McCandless speaks about good Feng Shui to sleep better. According to her, keeping a big mirror in the bedroom can make you feel insecure. It can virtually increase the space of the room which can make you think about managing the big area even at sleep. Also, a TV in the room can divert your mind and make you feel that somebody is looking at you. This can affect your sleep. Watch this video to know how you can place your bed, and correct the positioning of the things in the bedroom to get the much-needed sound sleep.Also Read - Here is How to Cut The Clutter With Feng Shui

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