Education travel guidelines for foreign universities: Amid the raging coronavirus pandemic, several students’ study abroad plans had been shattered or delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions since last year. Now that several countries have opened their borders for international students, the dream of many aspirants to study abroad is likely to come true. So those who have already enrolled in the Universities and if you are planning to leave India anytime soon amidst the second wave, there are few things you should consider before your departure.Also Read - Specially-abled Kashmir Boy Walks 2 Km To School Daily On One Leg, Aspires to Become a Doctor | Watch

Five important things students should consider pre-departure who are planning to go abroad amidst coronavirus pandemic  Also Read - Viral Video: Bihar Boy Complains Nitish Kumar About Lack of Quality Education, Stumps Him With Emotional Request | Watch

  1. Pre-departure Documents: It is very important to have all your documents in place before going to study abroad. Make sure you have all the paper work done. Some important documents include University documents, Educational documents and Health related documents. Keep all those in files, folders and even handy in mobile. Make sure you keep your passport, visa documents, tickets and identification documents ready for airport immigration counter.
  2. Be Informed: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every nation has announced its own set of travel rules. Read about the city/country you are going. Make sure you are aware of those and follow them on your arrival. Also read about the baggage allowance and pack accordingly. Also have a good read about their culture and customs before landing so that you don’t hurt anyone’s religion or faith out of your ignorance.
  3. Climatic Conditions: Every country has different climatic conditions. So it is very important to prepare for the weather. Carry clothes that are climate ready. You also need to be financially sound, so carry your foreign currency card and do not end up spending on unnecessary things.
  4. Homesickness – This is one problem you might definitely face amidst the pandemic. Be prepared for it. Carry your favorite books or albums or anything that keeps you away from feeling homesick. Try to socialize and make friends following the Covid-19 norms.
  5. Don’t forget to get vaccinated: Due to the deadly coronavirus, many countries have made it mandatory for the passengers to get vaccinated before their travel. As per the reports, special vaccination facilities have been set up by the Delhi-led government for students who need to travel before August. Make sure you find your nearest slots and get vaccinated for your safe stay abroad.

So make your pre-departure checklist and make sure you don’t miss out on any important updates regarding the international travel. Have a safe Journey! Also Read - 190 Countries & 13 Crore Students: How Khan Academy is Reinventing Education, One Lesson At a Time