Fermented foods and their health benefits: Whether be it in South or North, fermentation is a process used in most of the Indian cuisines. It is a natural process through which microorganisms like bacteria and yeast breaks down the carbs and sugar into alcohol and acids. These acids in turn act as a natural preservative in maintaining the flavor and tartness of the fermented food. As this widely used process promotes the growth of good bacteria, fermented foods are known to have more nutritious value than consumed normally. The intake of these beneficial bacteria also known as probiotics is an easy way to keep diseases away and digestive issues at bay. From digestion to strong immunity, here are top fermented foods that you should consume for a good health.Also Read - Feeling Sleepy After Lunch? Tips to Control Sleepiness After Lunch | Watch Video

  1. Cheese: Who doesn’t love cheese? Apart from being an excellent source of protein, cheese is also rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium. Its high nutritious value and existence of probiotics may lower the risk of heart diseases and improve bone health. However, not all cheese may contain probiotics. Hence it is very important to check the labels and should be consumed moderately.
  2. Dhokla: You would be surprised to know that Dhokla is another fermented food that can be quite healthy for you. Yes, we are talking about those delicious yellow coloured spongy cubes made out of fermented rice and pulse flour. This Gujrati dish is also a good source of protein and its antioxidant properties makes it easily digestible. It can also serve as a great snack option for the diabetics and may help combat age related problems.
  3. Idli or Dosa: South India’s staple food involving all varieties of Idlis and Dosas are one of the most preferred healthy breakfast options for many. Made out of fermented rice and lentils, they contain a good amount of beneficial bacteria and are also low in calories. Also being a good source of carbohydrates and proteins, these foods are very easy on your digestive system and can also keep you full for a longer time.
  4. Yoghurt: Yoghurt also known as curd is used in almost all the Indian households for variety of dishes. If you want to maintain a healthy gut, then you must definitely include curd in your daily diet. You can either consume it sweet with your breakfast berries or even salted with your daily parathas, salads or even add it in your gravies.
  5. Fermented Soybean: Did you know fermentation of soy products can convert minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc into more soluble forms so that the body is provided with enough nutrients? Yes, not just this, eating fermented soy products like tofu, soy sauce, fermented soya beans and even soy milk also increases overall bone strength, promotes better heart health and reduces prostate cancer in some cases.

The essential good bacteria also have the ability to strengthen your immune system, so don’t forget to add these above food items in your diet to avail the necessary benefits. Also Read - Dengue Prevention Tips: Delhi Witnesses Massive Surge In Dengue Cases, Here's How You Can Protect Yourself - Watch Video

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