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FYI Tech Gyan: 10 WhatsApp Features That You Will Find Amazing To Know

With more than 500 million users in India, Whatsapp is the most popular and reliable application actively used for multiple reasons. Step by step video guide on the features of Watsapp.

Published: May 27, 2021 7:51 PM IST

By News Desk | Edited by Toshi Tiwari

10 WhatsApp Features That You Will Find Amazing To Know: With more than 500 million users in the country, Whatsapp is the most popular and reliable application actively used for multiple reasons. Be it for sharing information or live location, for Indians, it is their go-to place. Have you ever wondered, what the application does every time when it asks you to update it? With every update, Whatsapp brings you to some new features making it more convenient and interesting for its users. And we are all set to tell you about the 10 Whatsapp features that you didn’t know about. Here we go:

1.Read deleted messages on Whatsapp
Everyone knows that Whatsapp allows people to delete the messages after they’ve sent them but can you still read them once deleted from their end? Yes, you can. All you have to do is to download a notification log app and grant access to read the notification. You will find a log of all the notifications in this app allowing you to retrieve it whenever you wish to.

2.Hide particular contacts from viewing your story
Next, While most of them enjoy putting up whatsapp statuses, some are still hesitant to share their mood and experiences with all their contacts. Then hold on, this tip is just for you. You can put up a status and hide it from your particular list of contacts. Interesting, isn’t it? You do this by;
Going to Whatsapp settings – Account – Privacy
Select status – ‘My contacts except’
Now select specific contacts you wish to avoid and tap te tik mark below.You can also choose the ‘only share with’ option to share the status with a small group of contacts.

3.Hide Whatsapp group photos and videos from gallery
Whatsapp is the most easiest way to share images and videos. But sometimes they might not be of much importance just filling up your phone storage. In such case, this tip will let you hide Whatsapp group photos and videos from gallery. Just open a Whatsapp group and tap on the group name to access the option ‘Media visibility’. Tap on it select ‘No’. This will not delete your existing media but will hide all the incoming new media from your gallery.

4.Mark messages to answer later
If you’re busy enough to answer the whatsapp messages, you can now mark them to reply later. Simplyn long-press the conversation head in the ‘Chat tab’ and select ‘mark as unread’ option. This will not erase the blue ticks but will mark the message with a bloated green dot that will serve as a reminder to answer the text taking your own time.

5.Mark message to easily find them later
Have you ever found yourself struggling to find some important contact numbers, addresses or names once sent to you by someone? Then, here’s a trick where you can preserve any important information for your later reference, Just long press a message and tap on the star icon in the top menu.
You can retrieve starred messages by tapping on the triple dot menu icon on the home screen.

6.UPI payments on Whatsapp
Did you know, you can now make UPI payments through Whatsapp? You can easily transfer money to your contacts by just tapping on the attachment icon on the chat window and find a payment option where the camera icon used to be.

7.Whatsapp on your PC
Whatsapp have upgraded itself to allow you to use Whatsapp on your PC. You can now transfer files between PC and phone using Whatsapp web.
Open Whatsapp web on your PC. You will now have to scan the QR code on your phone. For this tap on the three dots and select the Whatsapp Web option. Scan the code and you are good to go. Here you can download and upload media or any file types from the chat window on your PC and even access it on your phone, both at the same time.

8.Format Whatsapp messages
Bored of the usual fonts on Whatsapp? You can now format whatsapp messages by changing the font, making it in bold, italics and a strike through too. To do so, long press the portion of your text, in the message input field and you will find the desired options. You can also choose the monospace option to change the font.

9.Check exactly when a particular person has read your message
You know that blue ticks mean that the particular person has read your message but now you can also know when exactly the message was read. Just long press your sent message and press the ‘I’ icon above in the top bar and you will see when the person has read your message.

10.Set Privacy options.
If you’re a private person, you can decide who gets to see to see your profile pics, last scene etc. All these options are listed under Settings – Account – Privacy.

So these were some tips and tricks from our side to make your Whatsapp experience a little more interesting. Try them all and let us know your favourite in the comment section below.

Script By : Sneha M Jain

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