Gold Vs Crypto Vs Dollar : Investing in safe haven assets has become one of the major concerns of people these days for a secure future and a lavish lifestyle. While gold is very much a traditional and effective method of investment for a lot of people out there, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins have also created a lot of buzz in recent times. Similarly, dollars are also a safe way for investment too, as it is stable and can be readily used around the world. There are so many debates going on regarding safer and real quality investments. So here is a video for you to clear all your dilemmas regarding the same. In this segment of Money Matters, Amit Jain, Co- Founder and CEO of Anshika Wealth Advisors, will provide a detailed explanation on Gold, crypto and dollar and which one is the real asset class and a better option for investment. Watch video.Also Read - DA Arrear Big Update: Money Likely To Be Credited In Accounts Of Lakhs Of Employees By November

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