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Headache: Know About Its Possible Causes to Treat The Condition Better

Are you suffering from a headache? Know about its underlying cause to get the right natural treatment.

Published: October 14, 2019 7:02 PM IST

By Lifestyle Staff

A headache is a common medical problem which is characterised by severe pain or/discomfort in one or both the sides of the head. These days, extremely busy lifestyle of people has made the condition and its prevalence worse. According to WHO, “Almost half of all adults worldwide will experience a headache in any given year.” It affects people regardless of their age, race, and gender. There can be a plethora of reasons behind a headache. And, the treatment of your condition depends on its underlying cause. A simple blood test and imaging test can help in the diagnosis of a headache. You are advised to consult a doctor when you get a headache, which is accompanied by symptoms like drowsiness, vomiting, slurred speech, confusion, facial numbness etc. Watch this video to know about different possible causes of headache and their natural treatment options.

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