Ghee VS Other Oil : Ghee is a traditional source of energy with incredible healing properties. From curing cough to boosting immunity  ghee has got innumerable nutritional values and health benefits. Loaded with healthy vitamins like vitamin A, E and D, ghee is often used as a staple food in Indian households. We consume it with literally anything, ranging from Khichdi, Daal, Chapatis to Halwa and is often used to cook food as well. But switching ghee with fattening refined oil, sunflower oil or rice bran oil has been the biggest mistakes of modern cooking since the use of refined oils have been resulted in a lot of health issues like indigestion, heart diseases, obesity and more. In this video, Fitness expert Manisha Chopra explains the benefits of Ghee and why consuming ghee is much better that consuming other oils. Watch video exclusive interview…Also Read - Dangers of Ignoring Your Back Pain And Spine Problems

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