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Health Tips: These Ayurvedic Herbs Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally | Watch video

Published: September 23, 2022 6:30 PM IST

By Video Desk | Edited by Video Desk

Health Tips: You can easily notice Diabetic people around you fighting for their good health. Nowadays this disease is spreading fastly among people due to changes in lifestyle. You will be surprised to know some herbs around us can help reduce the sugar level in the blood. These herbs are easily available. watch this video to know about herbs that can help you reduce your sugar level.

Health Tips: Some herbs can help you reduce your sugar level naturally. These herbs are Giloy, Vijaysar, Gurmar, and Sadabhar. Giloy is a natural anti-diabetic medicine that suppresses craving for sugar. Vijaysar has anti-hyperlipidemic properties that help reduce sugar levels in blood and cholesterol. Gurmar contains compounds like flavanols and Gurmarin that have positive effect on diabetics. Sadabahar act as a natural medicine for type-2 diabetes. Watch Video

Written By: Amit Kumar

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