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Heard About Gluten-Free Diet? | Meaning, Health Benefits and Drawbacks Explained

Gluten helps food maintain their shape, basically acting as glue that holds food together. Some common foods that contain Gluten include breads and baked goods.

Published: June 28, 2021 5:36 PM IST

By Toshi Tiwari | Edited by Video Desk

All about Gluten-Free Diet: Whether be it in restaurants or during grocery shopping, we all come across fancy words and ingredients that are very popular but we might not know about. One such ingredient is Gluten and we are sure you must have heard about Gluten-free recipes and products that are all over the market these days. So have you wondered what is Gluten-free? Why are people avoiding foods with Gluten? Is it because Gluten is unhealthy? Is Gluten-free a healthy option? So if you have the same questions, then stay with us till the end because this video has got all the answers covered for you.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found naturally in some grains like wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten helps food maintain their shape, basically acting as glue that holds food together. For example, you can think of Pizza dough whose stretchy quality enables you to toss and pull out a ball easily. Without Gluten, the dough would just rip away. Some common foods that contain Gluten include breads, baked goods, Brewer’s yeast, cereals and pasta.

Why do people choose Gluten-free?

A Diet is Gluten-Free when you exclude all food items that contain Gluten. Studies say that mostly people with celiac disease avoid Gluten in their diet because it is an autoimmune disorder in which eating gluten triggers the immune response in the body, causing inflammation and damage to small intestine.

Other than this, people who are sensitive to Gluten or are prone to wheat allergies also frequently avoid Gluten. So if you are intolerant to Gluten, note that, sometimes Gluten can also be found in unexpected products so make sure that you read the labels before you buy.

Is Gluten-Free a Healthy Option?

As Gluten-Free eliminates junk from your diet, limiting your consumption to mostly fruit, veggies and lean proteins, it reduces unwanted calories resulting in weight loss. Gluten-Free diet may also ease digestive symptoms, boost energy and reduce chronic inflammation.

However, a Gluten-free diet may also impact you negatively as;

  • It may not provide you essential vitamins and minerals, leading to nutritional deficiency.
  • Consumption of fiber-less foods can lead to Constipation.
  • Gluten-Free food is expensive and not readily accessible everywhere.

So now if you’re in a dilemma to decide whether to opt Gluten-free or not, let us remind you that Gluten is a problem only for people who are positive to celiac disease or sensitive to Gluten. Most other people eat Gluten without any side effects.  So it completely depends on individuals and how their bodies respond to this protein. However, don’t forget to consult your doctor if you suddenly wish to switch to Gluten-free diet.

Script by Sneha M Jain

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