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Hemoglobin Booster Foods: Low Blood Count? These Food Items Can Increase Blood Flow And Circulation – Watch Video

From apples to leafy green vegetables eat these food items if you have a low blood count. Watch video.

Published: August 19, 2022 6:15 PM IST

By Prashasti Sudhakar

Hemoglobin Booster Foods: Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein present in the red blood cells, that is responsible for carrying oxygen and transporting it to all the parts of the body. It is a very important protein, essential for leading a healthy life. A drop in your blood count is a serious issue can be a sign of anemia, an infection, or even bleeding. So it is very important to keep a check on your blood count. Although circulatory issues are often treated with medications, eating certain foods which are protein and iron rich can also improve blood flow. So, here’s a list of few food items that will help you that will improve the levels of hemoglobin in the blood

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