A good source of protein and calcium, cheese, especially raw cheese is associated with an array of health benefits. According to scientists, raw cheese is basically the one prepared by the milk of cows who eat only grass and have been on grass feeding for a long time now. A 100 per cent grass-fed cheese is of improved quality. It is jam-packed with nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid. According to a study conducted in Denmark, a moderate intake of raw cheese can regulate your blood sugar level and reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Also, consuming organic cheese can decrease your risk of being exposed to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. Watch this video to know how exactly organic cheese is prepared.Also Read - Bizarre! Woman's Subway Order With Just Cheese And Cucumber Goes Viral, Netizens Calls it 'Worst Sandwich'

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