Want to relish healthy and mouth-watering dessert? Try chocolate cookies. Don’t worry, it won’t lead to weight gain. Thinking how? Well, to make something like a dessert, healthy for your body, you just need to switch the ingredients. Using some of the body-friendly options like buckwheat, sweet potato, almond butter, dates, etc. can make your dessert a mini-meal. Notably, buckwheat is known to be rich in fiber, protein, iron, copper, etc. Being super nutritious, buckwheat can help you lose weight, improve your colon health, and keep your blood sugar level under control. On the other hand, sweet potato can promote your gut health, protect you against certain cancers, and support vision. It is also associated with improved brain function. Now, if we talk about almond butter, it is loaded with antioxidants that can treat inflammation and protect your body cells from damage.  Now that you know about the health benefits of these ingredients, you can safely use them to make delicious chocolate protein dehydrated cookies. Don’t know the recipe? Watch this video.Also Read - Impeccable Dessert Recipe to Try This Diwali

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