Holi 2021 Zee Entertainment Limited Cook-Off Challenge: Holi is just around the corner, in wake of which the team at Zee Entertainment Limited organized a cook of challenge for it’s employees. 6 teams from various segments of ZEEL such as Marketing team, ZEEL SEO team, HealthSite team, India.com English team, BGR team and India.com Hindi team participated in the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited Holi 2021 Cook-Off challenge. Mr. Rohit Chaddha, CEO digital publishing ZEEL and Mrs. Puja Sethi, Group Editor ZEEL judged the ZEEL Cook-Off.Also Read - Top 5 Places to Visit in Kerala: Alleppey, Munnar, Kochi | God’s Own Country

Holi 2021 Zee Entertainment Limited Cook-Off Challenge Rules Also Read - Explained : What is an IPO, Why do Companies Float an IPO | Watch Video

  • In round 1, each member of the 6 teams to select 5 ingredients from the food pantry in just 30 seconds.
  • In round 2, 10 minutes to prepare a dish from the selected 5 ingredients without using gas stoves and microwave.
  • A special name to be given to the final dishes and special marks for presentation.

Watch the video to know who won the special cash prize and award for the Holi 2021 Zee Entertainment Limited Cook-Off Challenge.