Home Care Tips For Mild COVID-19 Cases: In India double mutation and triple mutation of the Covid 19 virus is prevalent in wake of which lakhs of news coronavirus Covid 19 cases are being registered on a daily basis.Also Read - Is India Heading Towards 4th Wave With Detection of BA.4, BA.5? Here's What Maharashtra Health Minister Predicts

Although, the majority of people can manage their infections at home by following a few self-care measures. Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian, Consultant Interventional Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad shares home care tips for patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms, who have been advised home isolation by their doctors. Also Read - This Country Extends Work From Home Order As COVID Cases Continue to Rise, Strict Curbs Imposed | Key Points

People should isolate themselves at home and begin practising self-care measures. Rest well, keep hydrated, and regularly monitor the patient’s blood oxygen levels and temperature and consult a doctor if the fever persists or if oxygen levels fall below SpO2 92 per cent. Also Read - This Country Bans Flight To India, 15 Other Nations Over Covid Resurgence. Full List Inside